There are multiple opportunities for our alumnae to become involved with our school community and with fellow alumnae. Click on any of the categories below that you find interesting!

The purpose of the board is to continue to build and strengthen the Regina Dominican alumnae network and further develop relationships between alumnae and the Regina Dominican school community. The alumnae board supports the mission of Regina Dominican.

Membership is open to all graduates of Regina Dominican. Candidates for membership in the board are proposed by the alumnae coordinator and/or board members and approved by the president.

Contact Diane Garvey at if you are interested in joining the board.

All class years are invited to join the choir. The choir performs at various school related events. It will be a great way to reconnect with the school, old friends, and make new ones, all while doing what you love.

Career Day and Wellness Day alternate every year. Both programs provide students with the opportunity to grow outside of their day-to-day curriculum. Alumnae are welcome to speak at both events.


Wellness Day offers our students the opportunity to learn about wellness through the lens of successful, professional speakers who will share their insights in an educational, motivational, growth enhancing and inspirational way. Our aim is to have an interactive learning experience for our students whereby students and presenters engage in a fun, informative day. We offer interactive sessions in six different areas of wellness listed below:

Emotional Wellness

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Healthy Decisions
  • Leadership
  • Stress Management


Intellectual Wellness

  • Art Therapy
  • Creativity
  • Life Coaching
  • Mental Stimulation
Physical Health

  • Eating Disorders
  • Exercise/Fitness
  • Nutrition


Spiritual Wellness

  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
Social Wellness

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Personal Safety
  • Respect/Civility
  • Self-Esteem
Traditional Health

  • Adolescent Health
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness
  • Healthy Choices
  • Health Awareness

Career Day introduces our students to women professionals representing a variety of careers as they begin to make decisions regarding their future.

It is our hope that exposing students to career choices will confirm their interest in a particular career, or introduce them to a previously undiscovered interest.

We seek engaging female professionals to talk about a typical day in their profession, the path that led them to their current career and the skills needed to be successful in that particular career. This is an exciting and informative day that leads to a rewarding learning experience for both our students and presenters.

Please contact Diane Garvey,, if you are interested in becoming involved in these events.

Do you enjoy connecting with your Regina Dominican classmates? If so, please consider becoming a Class Agent. As a Class Agent, you:

  • Act as an ambassador for the school by sharing school news on social media.
  • Work with the alumnae office to promote events including Reunion.
  • Help collect class news for Regina Dominican publications.
  • Set-up a class Facebook page.
  • Attend an annual meeting in June

Class Agent responsibilities require only a few hours per month of your time. Several of your classmates have already volunteered. If you don’t see a representative for your class in the table below, please sign up today. Better yet, call a friend and sign up together! To become a Class Agent, email Alumnae Relations at

Class Agent Coordinators: Buffy McNabola Rock ’74 ( and Sue Quinlan ‘74 (

1961 Bonnie (Ryan) Gin
1962 Elizabeth (Wilkins) Luxem

Sally Little

1963 Mardi (Gill) Woodward
1964 Barbara (Kurack) Cooper
1964 Lou (Mahoney) Dewald

Tony ILL

1965 Marsha (DeVolder) Dover
1965 Kathy Shea
1966 Susan (Hasselberg) Schultz
1968 Kathy (Griffin) Calcott
1969 Meg (Glass) Georgevich
1970 Susan (Nitto) Bennett
1971 Cathy (Troka) Cerone
1973 Tricia Gutekanst
1974 Sue (Carey) Coyle
1975 Catherine Cotter
1976 Laura Masini Berrafato

Anne Kelly Williams

1977 Joan (Mulvihill) Kitchie
1978 Sally (Grimes) Robey
1979 Meg (McIlwee) Metzler
1980 Lourdes (Vidal) Ryczek
1980 Kathy (Ginley) Maher
1981 Kathleen (Shea) Kalata


Mary (Divane) McManus

Maria Miyares O’Connor

1986 Frances (Chua) Yoshitani
1988 Kate (Kinsella) Coupland
1989 Franny (Wallace) Sprague
1990 Kathleen (McNeela) Murphy
1991  Liz Luby Chapell
1992 Patty (Divane) Braasch
1994 Grace (Musiala) Flatt
1994 Julia Gomez-Fernandez
1995 Julie (Boris) Blankenbaker
1996 Angeline Bello
1997  Katie Martin Hayes
1998 Erin (Hinchcliff) Vass
1999 Kathleen Steinfels
1999 Casey O’Neil
2001 Lauren Nelson
2002 Vicky (Bayona) Reisberg
2003 Clara (Hirsh) Walker
2004 Katie Bak
2005 Natalie Tuminello
2005 Liz (Labuz) LaCrosse
2006 Emily Forester
2006 Brigid Cremin
2007 Amanda Labuz
2008 Katie Pins
2008 Julia Stoner

Katie Pins

2009 Molly Freund
2009 Liz McCann
2010 Kayleigh O’Malley
2011 Meghan Reilly
2011 Ellen Sanders
2012 Rebecca Sutcliffe


Helen Galliani

Meggy Melaniphy

2014 Anna Tomaszewski
2015 Audrey Jahns
2016  Mary Berg

Clare Broderick

Kathryn Cressy

2017 Samantha Koutnik

Claire Beiter

2018 Nina Menon

Shlexis Poole>

2019 Amber Kim

Moira Guthrie


2020 TBA

The Regina Dominican Engagement Social Network welcomes our newest alumnae to stay connected with Regina.

Our hope is to host two to three events per year and to reach out to our newest members. In 2017 we hosted a sold-out Cubs outing, a Back to School BBQ for our alumnae off to college, the Holiday Pizza Lunch in the Regina Cafe. New this past February, we held Trivinia, a trivia night at St. Alphonsus Festival Hall. Watch for our 2018 Cubs Outing coming this summer.

Stay tuned for information regarding upcoming events via email and Facebook! If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved, please contact Julia Stoner ’08,  Liz McCann ’09 or Molly Freund ’09.

GOLD Committee Members

Reunion 2016 will celebrate our banner years ending in 1 and 6 on Friday, September 30, 2016.

Would you like to volunteer for your Reunion? As a volunteer, you select as many or as few jobs as you wish. Your volunteer opportunities are flexible, so you can work around your busy schedule. We need volunteers to:

  • Write postcards to classmates.
  • Help locate missing classmates.
  • Coordinate pre-Reunion events.
  • Maintain a class Facebook page.
  • Coordinate a class memory book.
  • Create a music playlist or video for your party.
  • Write a personal message for our reunion website.
  • Invite classmates to donate to a Reunion Class Gift.

The success of Reunion depends on your participation! Your attendance and volunteer efforts make all the difference. To get involved, please contact Alumnae Relations via email at or a Reunion organizer listed on the Reunion website.


Thank you for your interest in Regina Dominican’s Law Society. The purpose of the society is to foster unity within the Regina Dominican law community, including alumnae and friends of Regina Dominican. The society will encourage the advancement of women in the legal field, mentorship of Regina Dominican’s current students and recent grads interested in the legal profession and networking among Regina Dominican alumnae and friends in the legal arena.

Please fill out our informational survey to be added to our RD Law Society list.

Regina Law Society Survey