“There’s a culture of achievement in which a girl’s academic progress is of central importance, and the discovery and development of her individual potential is paramount.”

When you combine strong female mentors and positive role models, reduced sex stereotyping in curriculum and classroom and abundant learning opportunities -the results are clear. All-girls’ high schools provide greater opportunity for educational attainment as measured by standardized cognitive tests, curriculum and course placement, leadership behavior, number of years in formal education and occupational achievement.

Definitive research shows that girls learn, think, assess, interact and exercise leadership in different ways than boys. These same studies identify scholastic gaps between the sexes, and find that in co-educational schools, girls are called upon less in class, garner less feedback and exhibit lower self-confidence than boys.

At Regina Dominican, we believe the all-girls’ education is a powerful experience for our students.

Girls at Dance

We believe every girl deserves…

  • A single-sex college prep where she can express herself freely and frequently and develop a higher order of thinking skills.
  • An all-girls’ high school where she can achieve at the highest level academically and have more opportunities to assume leadership roles.
  • A single-gender school where she can learn that there is enormous potential and power in being a girl, and whether she wants to be an astronaut, engineer or accountant – nothing can stand in her way.

Without boys in the classroom, a girl is more likely to share her opinion freely and explore her interests. Through extra-curricular and social activities at Regina Dominican, our students still experience the co-educational environment in a positive, healthy way.

Now more than ever, our society is speaking up for women. Sending your daughter to an all-girls’ college prep is another step towards instilling in her that yes, SHE CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING.


The research proves that a single-gender high school makes all the difference.

  • 71 percent of women who attended single-sex schools went to college with the goal of furthering their education in graduate school according to Linda J. Sax, Ph.D.

  • Single-sex alumnae are three times more likely than women graduates of coeducational schools to report that they intend to pursue a career in engineering.

  • Women at single-sex Catholic schools are more likely than their co-educational counterparts to value political engagement according to the Higher Education Research Institute.

  • Single-sex programs counter socially conditioned expectations. They help students unlearn gender stereotypes, encouraging interest among girls in math and science, skills critical to the global information economy.

  • The culture, climate and community of girls’ schools as a transforming force speaks loud and clear in the results of Dr. Linda Sax’s study and confirms that at girls’ schools it’s ‘cool to be smart.’

  • All-girls’ settings seem to provide girls a certain comfort level that helps them develop greater self-confidence and broader interests. This was observed in the study titled “Single-Sex Program: Resolving the Research Conundrum.”

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