Leadership Institute Shield

Our Definition of Leadership

The Leadership Institute is grounded in the Dominican values of veritas (truth) and caritas (love). Leadership is using YOUR strengths to listen, inspire and empower others to be the best they can be and make a difference in the world.

The Objectives of the Leadership Institute are to

Assist all students in learning their strengths and building authentic Self-Confidence to enable them to fully utilize their talents and unique abilities.

Motivate students to be Joyful Learners, so that they face problems with a positive attitude by seeing possibilities, creating solutions and helping others.

Encourage students to become Global Citizens, so that they are aware and respect other cultures and races, and honor and foster a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Teach students to be Compelling Communicators so that they are present and active in their daily lives, speaking with confidence and clarity, and writing with conviction.

We Have Three Active Components of the Leadership Institute:

Leadership Institute

The Future of the Leadership Institute

We will be adding to and enhancing our existing programs through:

  1. Expanding our existing leadership projects and curriculum to include leadership interviews, case studies, book reviews, field trips, etc.
  2. Alumnae speaker series
  3. College and professional mentors
  4. Corporate Partnerships which involve projects within local corporations or internships.
  5. Expanding current electronic portfolios to enhance college readiness
  6. Assessment of leadership skills and feedback for skill building.
  7. Leadership study abroad, and more.

Leadership Advisory Council

The leadership advisory council is made up of notable and respected leaders in the community and within their field. The purpose of the council is to provide support and guidance to the further development of the Leadership Institute.

Jean Egmon

Ann Freeman

Sara Granack

Katie Lawler

Sue Payne

Karen Saunder

Katy Wishnow

A Letter from the Leadership Institute Director

linda-2-prof-smilingThe Leadership Institute provides a unique opportunity to the young women of Regina to build skills in our core areas of leadership.  We are the only gender specific Catholic High School in Illinois to offer a Leadership Institute.

We work hard to ensure that the offerings are relevant and align to our Leadership Shield framework. The Leadership Shield framework serves as the fabric that is interwoven into all that we do. The four core areas of leadership contained in the shield are Authentic Self-Confidence,  Compelling Communication, Joyful Learning and Global Citizenship.

We see an amazing transformation in our students who participate in the leadership Institute.  College professors often comment about the confidence of our graduates.  The Institute provides a safe and secure learning environment for our students to practice leadership skills.  Our goal is to provide skills that enhance the student’s ability to succeed in college and in their respective careers.  We hope to enable each student to maximize her strengths and find her passion.

To give you a flavor of our program, some of the competencies that are taught and/or experienced in the Leadership Institute are public speaking with confidence, writing clearly and directly, taking initiative, exploring global issues, and setting personal goals.  Our Leadership Institute offers many different avenues to learn, including leadership seminars, a speaker series inviting alumnae and community leaders, mentors, student advisors, electronic leadership portfolios and other experiences.  Leadership is infused into our everyday curriculum and is alive in everything we do at Regina.

Our program offerings can be categorized into four areas: Recognition based programs, Inspiration based programs, Skill development programs and Experience. Feel free to take a look at the Leadership Institute on our website for more detailed information.


Dr. Linda A. Liang, Leadership Institute Director

847.256.7660 ext. 259

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Potential and Current Families: If you are interested in hearing more about the Leadership Institute, please contact Dr. Linda A. Liang to schedule an appointment!