The Social Studies Department presents students with an integrated course of studies to promote global awareness and appreciation of both history and culture. The Social Studies Curriculum combines the content, skills, perspectives, technologies, and tools of inquiry essential for young women to make informed decisions for the public good. The primary purpose of the department is to develop citizens who will assume roles of responsibility in a culturally diverse, democratic society within an interdependent world.

Three credits in Social Studies are required for graduation from Regina Dominican including one credit in Honors World History or World History, one credit in A.P. U.S. History or U.S. History, one-half credit in A.P. U.S. Government and Politics or Government and Politics, and one-half credit in an elective.

Course Offerings in Social Studies


World History Level II
Honors World History Level III


U.S. History Level II
AP U.S. History Level III


U.S. Government and Politics* Level II
AP U.S. Government and Politics* Level III


Contemporary Issues* Level II
Consumer Economics* Level II
Sociology* Level II
Psychology (Seniors Only)* Level II
Honors Psychology (Seniors Only)* Level III
AP European History Level III
American Legal Studies* Level II

* One semester course credit.
For course descriptions and prerequisites, please see the Curriculum Guide in the main menu.

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