The Theology Department embodies the mission of the Church and integrates the Adrian Dominican mission and vision for the education of young women. The Dominican charism and its pursuit of truth, justice, and peace provide the framework for learning and Christian practice. Courses offer opportunities for students both to understand and apply their faith. Students explore Catholic beliefs, scripture, church history, sacraments, personal and social ethics, comparative religions, spirituality, and philosophy. Women’s spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development and the contributions of women in religion and society permeate the Theology curriculum.

Course Offerings in Theology


Foundations of Faith/Hebrew Scripture Level II


Christian Scriptures/Sacraments Level II


Catholic Social Teaching/Morality Level II
Catholic Social Teaching/Morality Level III

Two of the following:

World Religions Level II, III
The Catholic Spirit Level II, III
Philosophy Level III
Women’s Spirituality Level II, III

For course descriptions and prerequisites, please see the Curriculum Guide in the main menu.

10-08-15 RDHS JHLC 245

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