Communication, understanding and tolerance are essential to a civilized society. Through its programs, the World Languages Department strives to instill these qualities and to thus prepare the student to be a responsible member of the global community.

Two years of one foreign language are required for graduation from Regina Dominican. Students are offered a choice among French, Latin and Greek and Spanish. Students with previous language experience may take a proficiency test to determine in which class they will be placed. Four years of a language are recommended.

Course Offerings in World Languages


French I Level II
French II Level II
Intermediate French Level II
Advanced French Level III
AP French IV Level III
French V Honors Level III


Latin I Level II
Latin II Level II
Advanced Latin III Level III
AP Latin Caesar and Vergil Level III


Spanish I Level I
Spanish I Level II
Spanish II Level I
Spanish II Level II
Spanish III Level I
Intermediate Spanish Level II
Spanish Composition and Conversation Level II
Advanced Spanish Level III
AP Spanish IV Level III
Spanish V Honors* Level III

*Spanish V (552) is the fourth-year course for students beginning in Spanish II.

For course descriptions and prerequisites, please see the Curriculum Guide in the main menu.

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