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The Regina Dominican Alumna Medal recognizes an alumna who has made a difference in the world and has provided dedicated service to others. This alumna must embody the core values and beliefs of Regina Dominican and our Adrian Dominican Sisters, which flow from the Dominican Pillars of prayer, study, community and service. The Alumna Medal was first given in May of 1980. The Alumna Medalist is chosen from a list of nominees submitted by alumnae, friends, faculty, and staff. In 2020 we will recognize alumnae from the following categories: Young Alumna (under the age of 35), Leadership and Service.
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Alumna Medalists

2019: Leadership, Service, Young Alumna

  • Linda Corley (Class of 1978)
  • Kelley Rompza Kitley (Class of 1996)
  • Kristen Kelly (Class of 2009)

2018: Pia Valvassori (Class of 1983)

2017: Julie McCarthy Grunwell (Class of 1992)

2016: Brighid O’Shaughnessy (Class of 1991)

2015: Denise Baran Nemeth (Class of 1975)

2014: Laura Perille (Class of 1983)

2013: Michele Springer (Class of 1989)

2012: Grainne McKeown (Class of 1994)

2011: Virginia Cowey Kendall (Class of 1980)

2010: Carol Macur Rizzie (Class of 1968)

2009: Colleen Holohan, DDS (Class of 1980)

2008: Liz Livingston Howard (Class of 1982)

2007: Jamie Revord (Class of 1988)

2006:  Julie Goldburg Unruh (1987)

2005: Carol Ross Barney (Class of 1966)

2004: Honorable Cheryl Cesario, JD (C lass of 1967)

2003: Kathleen Burke, Ph.D. (Class of 1964)

2002: Christina Sprang Seaborg (Class of 1991)

2001: Mary Beth McMenamin Richmond, (Class of 1978)

2000: Bridget Later Lamont (Class of 1966)

1999:  Patricia Kissinger, Ph.D.  (Class of 1977)

1998: Barbara Beckwith (Class of 1966)

1997: Margaret Troka Hogan (Class of 1977)*

1996: Verna Wallace Allworth (Class of 1977)

1995: Denise Figlewicz (Class of 1970)

1994: Joan Corboy (Class of 1970)*

1993: S. Patricia Walter, OP (Class of 1962)

1992: Diane Washburne House (Class of 1966)

1991: S. Donna Markham, OP (Class of 1964)

1990: Gay Girolami (Class of 1967)

1989: Regina Marie Foran Thibeau (Class of 1979)

1987: Liz Livingston Howard (1982)

1986: Peggy Ambrose Cunniff (Class of 1969)

1985: Eileen Sweeney Johnston (Class of 1969)

  • Gail Sweeney Ghere (Class of 1970)

1984: Patricia Bowler (Class of 1973)

1983: Donna Bergen (Class of 1963)

  • Connie Fletcher (Class of 1965)
  • Mary Jo Potter (Class of 1965)
  • S. Nancy Murray (Class of 1965)
  • Mary Ellyn Holum (Class of 1968)

1982: Mary Beth Skic (Class of 1964)*

1981:  Kathleen M. O’Laughlin (Class of 1964)

1980: Elaine Markoutsas Leroux (Class of 1966)

Our 2019 Alumna Medalists

The Alumna medal has been awarded since 1980. In 2018, with over 10,000 alumnae, our school community decided it was time to expand this recognition to three distinguished alumnae per year. In March the Alumna Leadership Medal was presented to Linda Corley Class of 1978. In April the Young Alumna medal was presented by our students via Skype to Kristen Kelly Class of 2009. At graduation, we proudly present the Alumna Medal for Service to Kelly Rompza Kitley Class of 1996.

You can read more about our 2019 medalists on the news page.

You can read Kelley Kitley’s graduation reflection speech here.