Regina Dominican Annual Remembrance Mass,  November 15, 2020

Classmates, family, and friends are invited to gather for a candle lighting ceremony followed by Mass at 10:00 a.m.

View our Book of Remembrance 2019

This Mass serves as an opportunity to remember all our deceased alumnae and to add new candles for the alumnae who passed away during the previous 12 months. A Book of Remembrance will be placed in the chapel for the month of November.

At the 2019 Remembrance Mass new candles were added for the following alumnae and former faculty members.

Sharon Armanetti D’Amico ’75 Diane Wozniak Lademann ’64
 Mary Lou O’Brien Closs ’71 Sandra Psihoda Lis ’74
Patricia Moore Brick ’64 Kathleen Littwin ’78
Joanne Cella-Easton ’70, faculty Joanne O’Donnell ’64
Elizabeth Bernard Claus ’64 Valerie Ann Wagner ’64
Sheila Burke Guenzar ’64 Susan Hasselberg Schultz ’66
Kathy Crumley Horning ’72 Peg Wolshon ’69
 Joan Armstrong Jaspersen ’64 Alexandra Lyons Cooney ’78
 Dr. Elizabeth Krylow ’77  Sienna Carroll Fennell ’89
Mary Pat Bolin Casper ’69 Jeannette Lyne Ekstrand ’85
Marilyn Weiland Swiantek ’78 Mary Gilbert Pomerantz ’73
Suzanne Senese, former faculty Carolyn Kelin Trentler ’62
Barbara Hardy, former faculty  S. Ann Romayne Fallon, O.P.
Bridget Agnes Collins, staff S. Geneve Moran, BVM, 93, former faculty



Please keep the following alumnae and their family members in your thoughts and prayers:

May 2020

Rita Rae Harte mother of Eileen Harte ’80 and mother in law of Anne Maginot Harte ’81.


Cathy Eardley Foust ’64 sister of Cynthia Eardley Pacholick ’66 and Bette Eardley Mueller ’70

Sister Sarah Cavanaugh, formerly known as Sister Michael Henry Cavanaugh. Sister served as principal of Regina Dominican from 1983-1989.

Elizabeth (Beth) Ann Denicolo ’98

Dr. Peter Sakas father of Dr. Courtney Sakas ’08.


Margaret (Maggie) Joan Walter ’76 sister of Patricia Walter ’62, Rita Walter ’67, Veronica Walter ’77 and Eileen Walter ’78. Margaret is also the aunt of alumnae; Katherine Fligelman Vanadia ’93, Sarah Fligelman ’94, Kristen Fligelman Licciardi ’96 and Rebecca Fligelman Garelli ’99.

Lorraine Geist mother of Margaret Geist Fox ’73 and Patricia Geist Feeley ’81.

Frances L Cannizzaro mother of Maria Cannizzaro Alderson ’74.

Marilyn B. Considine mother of Laura Considine Hehemann ’81 and Eileen Considine Boggins ’84.

Margery Wild Livingston wife of the late Homer J. Livingston, Jr. and mother of Liz Livingston Howard ’82

Daniel Nicholas Kadjan father of Danielle Kadjan Smith ’91 and father in law of Catalina Ruiz Kadjan ’88.

Sheila Brannen Ignas ’86, sister of Caroline Brannen Drake ’87 and the the late Maureen Brannen ’83.

Louis Gonzales beloved husband of Laura McManus Gonzales ’83.

February 2020

Dave Teel husband of Debbie Cannata Teel ’78. Services were held on January 29, 2020.

James E. Spiotto brother of Joan Spiotto Lynch ’68.

Sheila F. Tomaszewski mother of alumnae Laura Tomaszewski Wickert ’05, Kara ’10, Meghan Tomaszewski Gehrmann ’12 and Anna ’14.

Robert (Bob) Tracey father of Paula Tracey Graller ’73,  Raelyn Tracey Jetter ’74 and Valerie Tracey ’77

Sharon Ann Wall mother of Virginia Wall Robertson ’68, Mariann Wall Majerus ’77 and Nancy Wall Juckett ’81.

Carole Herbster ’75  Barbara Herbster Van Husen ’68.

Eleanor E.Filipek, mother of former faculty member Mary Ellen Scandale (French department from 1975-2018).

January 2020

David Teel husband of Debbie Cannata Teel ’78

Kathy Rzany former principal of Regina Dominican High School from 2002-2011 and devoted champion of Catholic education.

Jeanne Catherine Crowe mother of alumnae Catherine Crowe Hablitzel ’72, Victoria Crowe O’Neill ’75, and Sharon Crowe ’76

Mary Jill Wolf mother of Caroline Wolf Mansour ’89 and Katharine Wolf Dunn ’94

Phillip J. Wieland father of alumnae Suzanne Wieland Nelson ’72, the late Marilyn Wieland Swianek ’78, and Kathleen Wieland DiClemente ’83, stepfather to Raleigh Sadlier ’84.

Kathleen F. “Teen” Farrell, beloved wife of Walter Farrell , former Board member,  mother of Maura Farrell ’88, Regina Dominican Board Chair, and Delia Farrell Marshall ’96.

Virginia Lamermayer mother Elizabeth Lamermayer Spink ’76, Therese Lamermayer Conline ’78, Nancy Lamermayer Landis ’79 , and Kristine and Kathryn Lamermayer ’82.

John A. Nickele husband of Mary Astor Gomez ’78 and father of Katherine Nickele ’08.

Phillip J. Wieland father of alumnae Suzanne Wieland Nelson ’72, the late Marilyn Wieland Swianek ’78, and Kathleen Wieland DiClemente ’83, stepfather to Raleigh Sadlier ’84.

Joyce Sacha ’72 sister of Donna Sacha Imirie ’70.

Marcia Madgey Silvestri ’64 sister of Alice Madgey Lombardo ’61, Joan Madgey Ransohoff ’63, Barbara Madgey Sweeny ’66, Margaret Madgey Koehn ’68 and Dorothey Madgey Laughlin ’70.

Peggy (Mary Peg) Marsh Stall ’66.

Patricia A. Pater ’78 sister of alumnae Terese Pater Schultz ’75 and Mary Pater Serio ’77. Patricia was the beloved wife of the late David Moe.

George J. Schiro husband of Frances and father of alumna Jo Marie Schiro Lang ’84 and Rosanne Schiro.

December 2019

Jane McPartland Hammer ’79

Robert L. Parkinson Jr. beloved husband of Elizabeth (Betty) and father of alumnae Erin Parkinson Stober ’00 and Becky Parkinson ’03.  Robert and Betty were awarded the Regina Caeli award in 2015 for their support of Regina Dominican.George J. Schiro husband of Frances and father of alumna Jo Marie Schiro Lang ’84 and Rosanne Schiro.

Joseph Doherty father of alumnae Lisa Doherty ’79 and Jennifer Doherty ’81.

Maureen Stanton Serb ’71, sister of Mary Jean Stanton Moriarty ’77, Ellen Stanton Schneider ’80 and the late Kathleen (Kathy) Stanton Nolan ’72 and the late Patricia (Patsy) Stanton Denten ’74. Sister-in-law to Beth Baisley Stanton ’80 and Aunt to Erin Nolan Tella ‘98, Elizabeth Nolan ‘02, Meghan Moriarty ‘02, and Aileen Stanton ’16.

Jeanne M. McDonagh mother of Maureen McDonagh ’69.

Michele Lucille Comella mother of Jessica Fagin Gade ’03.

Arlene Scott Anthony former teacher at Regina Dominican and mother of Julie Anthony Grayhack ’78 and the late Mary Carol Anthony O’Brien ’77.


Gerald Ottesen, father of Amy Ottesen Reichle ’93.

Dr. Matilda Kimovec,  mother of Maria Kimovec Grutsch, MD ’73 and Irene Kimovec Szuba, MD, JD ’75


Marilyn Wieland Swiantek ’78

Sister Ann Romayne Fallon, O.P.. Sister Ann Romayne served at Regina Dominican for thirteen years, six years as the principal and seven years as president.

Sister Geneve Moran, BVM, 93, former faculty

Mark J. Vallortigara, husband of Deb Arado Vallortigara ’77.

Trudy Short Kelly, mother of Colleen Kelly Frasure ’78.

September 2019

Mary Pat Bolin Casper ’69, sister of Colleen Bolin Rothing ’76 and Eileen Bolin Murphy ’79.

August 2019

Mary Cohn mother of Elizabeth (Kate) Cohn ’96.

Patricia Moore Brick ’64.

Grace G Weir mother of Maribeth Weir Battista ’79


Mary Gilbert Pomerantz ’73

Sharon Armanetti D’Amico ’75 sister of Diane Armanetti ’74 and Linda Armanetti Fetel ’76.

Therese Altimari mother of Jamie Altimari ’73.

Michael G. Kaminski father of Krystyna Kaminski ’16.

Robert F. Welch father of Dawn Welch Brown ’81.


Joan Armstrong Jaspersen ’64

Robert Day McHugh father of Mary McHugh O’Sullivan ’82 and grandfather of Maureen McHugh Hodges ’00 and Kathleen McHugh Akbar ’02.

Judith Hauff mother of Liz Hauff Joyce ’82 and Vickie Hauff Martin ’88.

Peg Wolschon ’69 sister of Linda Wolschon Bell ’68 and Susan Wolschon Barreca ’71

Dr. Elizabeth Krylow ’77

Mary Lou O’Brien Closs ’71 sister of Nancy O’Brien Jackson ’70, Rosemary O’Brien ’73 and Peggy O’Brien ’74. She is the sister-in-law of Lynne Hoffman O’Brien ’69 and aunt of Katie O’Brien Luptak ’96.
Robert S. McVeigh father of the late Ellen McVeigh Manning ’71, Cathleen McVeigh-Cushing ’72, Margaret McVeigh Buckstaff ’73 and Mary McVeigh Rowe ’84.
Patricia (Patsy) McCurdy mother of Karen McCurdy ’78.

Katherine Radler mother of Claire Radler ’15


Joan Armstrong Jaspersen ’64

David Reichle, husband of Amy Ottesen Reichle ’93

Don Williams husband of Nancy Kauss Williams ’66

Raymond T. Denten father of Mary Denten Wolski ’80, Eileen Denten Newman ’82, Julie Denten Kelly ’85 and father-in-law of the late Patricia Stanton Denten ’74

Walid Afram Hindo M.D. father of Happy Peris ’83, Rana Altenburg ’84, Patty Blockovich ’86, and Heather Hindo M.D.’89.


Jeanette Lyne Ekstrand ’85, sister of the late Cthey Lyne Pfeifer ’85

Alexandra Lyons Cooney ’78 sister of Rachel Cooney Cooper ’83

Diane C. Dudek mother of Elizabeth Dudek Jensen ’92 and Kate Dudek Kerwin ’94.

Sandra Psihoda Lis ’74

Margaret Hein mother of Margaret Hein Nelson ’69 and grandmother of Megan Nelson Welch ’95, and Molly Nelson Harris ’97

Sienna (Dahna) Carroll Fennell ’89


Sheila Burke Guenzer ’64.

Dr. Kenneth W. Misher II father of Lisa Misher ’84 and Jennifer Misher Bergmark ’88.

Elizabeth (Liz) Bernard Claus ’64

We regret to inform you of the passing of Diane Wozniak Lademann ’64 mother of Nancy Lademann Olsen ’89 and sister of the late Nancy Wozniak Falckenberg ’68

Maureen P. Hennelly mother of Megan Hennelly Ryan ’89 and Colleen Hennelly ’91.


James Evenson, Sr., father of Betsy Evenson Murray ’79 and Susan Evenson Scislowski ’82.

Clifford Falkenhayn husband of Mary Frances (Fran) Marr Falkenhayn ’66.


Joanne O’Donnell ’64

Valerie Ann Wagner ’64 sister of Mary Wagner ’69, Kimberly Kohl ’71 and Julie Engleman ’73.

Daniel J. Cahill Jr. father of Tara Cahill Saidai ’89.

Rose Marie Galante mother of Nikki Galante Conway ’72 and Susan Galante Mangino ’74.

Susan Hasselberg Schultz ’66 mother of Katie Schultz Daigle ’00 and former member of the Regina Dominican Board of Directors.

Kathy Crumley Horning ’72.

Barbara Hardy, mother of Kathyrn Hardy ’72, Elizabeth Hardy Smith ’76, and mother-in-law of Arlene Hill Hardy.

Joseph S. O’Connor, M.D. father of Karen Kolb ’76, Susan O’Connor ’80, Lynn Gooding ’83 and Kathleen Uhran ’87.

Joanne Cella-Easton ’70 former faculty member and sister of Kathleen Cella Dewar ’64.

Joseph John Nimrod father of Kathleen Nimrod McCarthy ’75, Eleanor Nimrod ’76 and Winifred (Wini) Nimrod ’79.

Elizabeth (Liz) Bernard Claus ’64

December 2018

Victor E Schiffer father of Barbara Schiffer Trottier ’74 and Carol Schiffer Wilen ’75.

Mary T. Cotter mother of Cathy Cotter ’75 and Mary Pat Cotter Pyles ’78 and grandmother of Lexy Pyles Campbell ’09 and Colleen Cotter Alonzi ’15.


Marty Baran wife of Susan Thomas ’71

Patricia Heinz Berry sister of Mary Heinz Rinker ’68, Carol Heinz Hynes ’74.

Kathleen Littwin ’78 sister of Joan Littwin Johnson ’72.

Arthur Malinowski father of Mary Malinowski McMahon ’88 and Sarah Malinowski ’89.

Joseph R. Lentino father of Laura Lentino ’94 and husband of former Regina Dominican school nurse Joan Lentino (1994-2006).

Bridget “Agnes” Collins, mother of Dorai Collins Lennon ’89 and former staff member of Regina
Dominican from 1984-89.

Patricia Heinz Berry sister of Mary Heinz Rinker ’68 and Carol Heinz Hynes ’74.

Mary Ann Brown mother of Marie Brown Fliss ’76, Lou Ellen Brown Gryzik ’77, Rosemary Brown Stricker ’80, Susan Brown Stilwill ’86, and Jeanne Brown Marin ’87.

William Joseph Dunn father of Bonnie Dunn Hayes ’70, Deirdre Dunn Nardi ’80 and the late Karen M. Dunn ’76.


William Schlichtman father of Therese Kerr ’78, Suzanne Greenberg ’79, Laura Schlichtman ’82 and Jeanne Hoppe ’83.

Patricia Delaney mother of Sharon Delaney Taylor ’71, Nancy Delaney Donlin ’75 and Mary Beth Delaney Hartmann ’80.

Robert Toland Jr. brother of Julie Toland Pigott ’80.

Russell Arthur Larson Jr. father of Kathyrn Larson Conway ’82 and Sharon Larson ’85.

Ronald Charles Smith husband of Mary Ann Scherer Smith ’64.

Edmund J. Jacobs Jr. father of Mary Jacobs Gaertner ’82.

Patricia (Patty) Brennan Strain ’79 sister of Mary Beth Brennan Luhrsen ’77 and Anne Brennan ’73


Robert Foley father of Kathy Foley O’Keefe ’77

Michael John Spingola father of Joanne Spingola Oyer ’83 and father-in-law of Valerie Bianchi Spingola ’85.

Sue Anne Gaynor mother of Jennifer Gaynor McClain ’82, Kelly Gaynor Joyce ’84 and the late Diana Gaynor Bohlen.

Michael Anthony Vitale father of Lynda Vitale Turner ’68 and Michelle Vitale Lee ’71.

Suzanne Senese. Ms. Senese taught music at Regina Dominican from 1988-1999.

Thomas Sanders father of Maureen Sanders Koenig ’82.


Stella Rose Galanis ’16

Lloyd J. Kurkowski father of Ann Kurkowski Koenig ’89.

Diane Gambacorta Brendza ’84 sister of Carol Gambacorta Durham ’77

Karen Stone McFadden ’62

Sally Godvin mother of Judy Godvin Lynch ’62, Kathy Godvin Hunt ’68 and Debbie Godvin Wynne ’78.

Mary C. Kendzior sister of Susan Jacks Henberger ’62 and mother in law of Judy Luft Kendzior ‘79


Dr. William J. Thomure father of Maureen Thomure Emoff ’77 and Jeannine Thomure McMahon ’80.

Harriet Sylvia Storer mother of Margaret Storer ’65 and Susan Kash ’74.

Gavin Oliver Woodward son of Mardi Gill Woodward ’63 and brother of Shannon Woodward Haughey ’87 and Casey Woodward Marx ’02

Reno J. Masini father of Laura Masini Berrafato ’76 and grandfather of Amy Berrafato ’02, Kelly Moore ’04 and Sara Cagle ’06.

Jay Rivard husband of Joan Kehoe Rivard ’75 and brother of Linda Rivard Guehring ’63, Ann Marie Rivard Ward ’66 and Mary Rivard McIlwee ’75

Syed Mohammad Husain father of Uzma Husain ’99

Nancy Wozniak Falckenberg ’68


Patricia (Patsy) Stanton Denten ’74 sister of Maureen Stanton Serb ’71, Mary Jean Stanton Moriarty ’77, Ellen Stanton Schneider ’80 and the late Kathy Stanton Nolan ’72.

Barbara Ann Turk mother of Barbara Turk Danielson ’67 and Elizabeth Turk ’69.

Susan Mary Compernolle sister of Mary Claire Belton ’75.

Diana (Dee-Dee) Alaniz ’72.

Alice Scherer Hammer ’67 sister of Mary Ann Scherer Smith ’64.

Ronald E. Walker father of Regina ’77, Paula ’82 and Alexis ’82.

Bernard Garvey, Sr. father of Mary Beda ’76, Catherine Goldthorpe ’79, Sheila Gartland ’83 and father in law of Patti Bowe Garvey ’74 (former faculty member).

Adrienne Paxton mother of Renee Marie Paxton ’92.

John William Storer Jr. father of Margaret Roche ’65 and Susan Kash ’74.


Anne Mosher ’69.

Sally Venus ’75, sister of the late Susan Venus ’67.

Mrs. Jane Burke, mother of Meg Burke Gagliardo ’77, Toni Burke Lenzi ’81 and Jenny Burke Britt ’88.

Francis (Frank) Cunniff husband of Margaret (Peggy) Ambrose Cunniff ’69.

Charles Bauer father of Paula Bauer Monfroy ’79.

Ralph (Hank) Rahe father of Carolyn Rahe ’66, Theresa Rahe Hardesty ’69, and Patricia Rahe Lee ’70.

Stephen J. Nardi husband of Deirdre Dunn Nardi ’80.

Wilma Samuels mother of Julienne Samuels ’08.

Joseph Corrado and Jackie Corrado parents of Kim Cernek ’87, Jennifer Dart ’88, Joanne Kier ’90, Kristin Spalo ’94 and Jackie Babiarz ’98.


Michael F. Welch husband of Megan Nelson Welch ’95 and son of Mary Masterson Welch ’65.

John P. (Jack) Glunz, father of Judi Glunz Sidney ’76, Janet Glunz Bischoff ’79, Jennifer Glunz Faulk ’83, Jane Glunz Delaney ’86 and grandfather of Hailey Delaney ’15 and Jennifer Delaney ’18.

Will Froehlich father of Patricia Froehlich Cowles, ‘85, Kirsten Froehlich Dickson, ‘90, and Jennifer Froehlich, ‘94.

Maura Pandit mother of Solita Pandit Murphy ’82.


Maureen Corcoran ’66.

Mary Therese Huber daughter of Kathleen (Katie) Moran Huber ’01

Mark Rebora brother of Carrie Rebora Barratt ’77 and Ellen Rebora Urquiaga ’80.

John (Jack) Washburne, father of Diane House Kalebic ’66 and Karen House ’69.

Michael B Roche, father of Molly Roche ’99.

Molly Driscoll, mother of Breanne Driscoll Liscinsky ’01.


Adele M. LeGere, mother of Mary LeGere ’77.

Letitia Wheeler mother of Teresa Swafford Kerr ’78.

Dr. Galdino E. Valvasori, father of Pia Valvassori Flanagan ’83 and father in law of Maureen McNulty Valvassori ’77.

George Charles Riedle, father of Patricia Riedle Coppedge’72, and Dianne Riedle Cervarich ’74.

Patrick Clement Wade, brother of Mary Wade Kiscaden ’77.

Diane McGowan, mother of Denise McGowan ’74.

Kathryn (Kate) McAllister ’94 sister of Ann McAllister ’87.

Maura Carolyn Wilcoxen daughter of Lauren Kolodziej ’02 and granddaughter of Carol Kolodziej, former Regina Dominican administrator.

January 2018

Clay Arthur Goss husband of Mary Beth Jacobs Goss ’77.

Timothy Mitchell brother of Jackie Mitchell Magner ’89.

Helen Larkin Gordon ’71

Harriette M. Breslin mother of Mary Beth Breslin Fehrman ’64.

Deacon Peter Meehan father of Nancy Meehan Dennis ’88 and Catherine Meehan Thannert ’91.

Mary Kathleen (Kathy) Roche mother of Molly Roche ’99 and former Regina Dominican faculty member.


Thea Pazen mother of Adrienne Arlan ’11

Lois Arbanas mother of Marybeth Arbanas Shearron ’69

Kathleen Manella Gros ’74


Helen Dillon mother of Mary Dunbar’68, Catherine Dillon ’71, Margaret Montag ’74 and Elizabeth Scott ’80.

Rosemary B. Sullivan mother of Maristel Conry ’75, Nancy Strenk ’78,  and Geralyn Sullivan ’79.

Maureen McGavock ’77 sister of Marcia Hill ’70 and the late Mary Kay McGavock ’73.


Thomas Filippini husband of Barbara Rudnik Filippini’65

Diane Dillon sister of Kathleen Dillon Himan ’63

Jay Krishna Pandit, MD, father of Solita Pandit Murphy ’82.

Jean Moses mother of Bernadette Moses Marks ’67 and Charmaine (Casey) Conaghan ’84.


Katherine LaViolette Keane ’63 sister of Jean Dwyer ’65, Mary J. Laviolette ’69, Suzanne Moores ’70 and Renee Grunewald ’74

Marcy Weckler Barr ’69.

Jean Vanderbosch, mother of Christine Vanderbosch ’71, Kathy Perry ’72, Gaby Round ’74, Julie Zuercher ’76 and Cari Ahlstrom ’78.

Margery Ann Heider, mother of Katy Heider ’84.


Elizabeth (Betsy) Harasek ’67

Paul Galvin husband of Katherine Gallagher Galvin ’88.

Mark J. Gamber, father of Mary Margaret Gamber ’83.

July 2017

Jean Marie Foran, mother of Elizabeth Foran Yore ’69, Julie Foran Rebarchak ’72 and Regina Foran Thibeau ’79.

Rita Halpin mother of Mary Halpin ’69.

Robert Mauro husband of Louanne Scanlon Mauro ’66.

Conal Fleming, son of the late Diane Bresnan Fleming ’64 and nephew of Denise Bresnan Linde ’69.

Varghese C. Maliakal father of Mary Maliakal Kuriakose ’05, and Leesha ’10, Leona ’12 and Linette Maliakal ’16.

Barbara O’Malley ’80

Helen O’Brien mother of Anne Marie O’Brien Anton ’81.

Jeanne Huelsman Ignatius ’71 sister of Mary Joy Klos ’70, Karen Klicki ’75 and Sheila Watson ’79.

June 2017

Joseph Unger, father of Katie Unger Toland ’70, Peggy Unger Morris ’71, Jane Unger Poppelreiter ’73 and Betsy Unger Neville ’80, and grandfather of Kathryn Neville ’11.

Stephen Rebora, father of Carrie Rebora ’77 and Ellen Rebora Urquiaga ’80.

May 2017

Catherine Rollings, mother of Anne Rollings Smith ’02.

Kathleen Welsh Dreyer ’62.

Mary Pat Roche Compernolle ’71, sister of the late Colleen Roche Schlacks ’71.

Maureen Collins Beucher ’79 sister in law of Terry Beucher Hollister ’80 and Beverly Beucher ’81.

Virginia “Ginny” Schultz mother of Nancy Schultz Stickels ’78.

April 2017

Mary Peter ’68

Mr. Donald Baum father of Jennifer Baum ’82, Kathryn Baum Klepetka ’83 and Kelley Baum ’87.

Mr. John (Jack) Egan father of Cathy Egan Jackson ’79, Linda Egan ’81, Lauren Egan Vincitorio ’83 and Julie Egan Heuer ’89.

Linda Gebel Braun ’70, sister of Mary Kay Gebel Betke ’73

Peter J. Thalman father of Lisa Thalman Otten ’86.

Mary Leona (Lee) McDonnell mother of Diane McDonnell Lapelle ’70, Mary Louise McDonnell Carney ’71, Deborah McDonnell Glemkowski ’76 and Kathleen Bredemann ’80.

Donald F. Carter husband of Jane Ohlheiser Carter ’62 and father of Kathryn Carter Roberts ’98.

Mark Hardesty husband of Theresa Rahe Hardesty ’69 and brother in law of Carolyn Rahe ’66 and Patricia Rahe Lee ’70.

Louise Babula mother of Valerie Babula Vatch ’75, Sarah Babula Kerndt ’76, Marene Babula ’81 and JoEllen Babula Baker ’83

March 2017

Mary R. Cunniff mother of Elizabeth Cunniff ’83.

Ann D. Brinegar mother of Kate Brinegar-Cowan ’70.

James P Walsh former Bass Fishing coach 2009-2013 and grandfather of Kaitlin Walsh ’09

Beryl Hermes mother of Jill Hermes Mahony ’65.

Nathaniel (Nat) Paxson son of Dianne Santostefano Paxson ’69 and sister of Emily Paxson Piga ’99 and Mary Paxson ’05

Josephine Tontini mother of Syliva Tontini Mossell ’80

Mary Ann Wilkins Graham ’66 sister of Elizabeth Wilkins Luxem ’62

Oliver Oakes, father of Eileen Oakes Fenner ’65.

Robert Case father of Mary Deirdre Case Patchen 78, Pamela Case Stanger ’79 and Maureen Case ’81.

Dr. Robert E Lee Jr. M.D.,Ph.D.  father of Catherine Lee, J.D. ’76, Elaine Lee Wade, M.D. ’81 and Mary Lee, M.A.’85.

February 2017

Virginia Walther mother of Jacky Walther ’72 and grandmother of Ann Kielian ’11 and Teresa Kielian ’16

Genevieve Dudek mother of Barbara Dudek Leaheey ’64, Janet Dudek Lavery ’68 and Susan Dudek ’72

Patricia Sonnicksen, mother of Karen Sonnicksen Sellers ’72, Kathryn Sonnicksen Rossi ’79 and Julie Sonnicksen Bartoli ’83.

Alfonso M. Di Benedetto, father of Rosanne Di Benedetto Corigliano ’77.

Joseph R. Kraft father of Adrienne Kraft ’64 and Cheryl Kraft Kennedy ’67

Barbara Ann Meinardi Ricker sister of Diane Meinardi Murtha ’62 and Donna Meinardi Siedhoff ’62.

Edward M Jekot M.D. father of Mary Jekot Haak ’77, Elizabeth Jekot M.D. ’81, Rosanne Jekot ’82 and Eileen Jekot M.D. ’85.

Gregory Vetter, brother of Gretchen Vetter ’83.

Elizabeth Goldberg Powell ’95 sister of Catherine Goldberg Busch ’83 and Julie Goldberg Unruh ’87.

Adrienne Banas mother of Cynthia Banas Nack ’80 and Jennifer Banas West ’89.

David Biasco father of Mary Biasco Heilingoetter ’81.

January 2017

Jack Tavolacci son of Christine Powell Tavolacci ’84, nephew of Barb Powell Rodrigues ’82, Sharon Powell Seiden-Dubrow ’85, Michele Powell Springer ’89, Beth Tavolacci Alseth ’74 and Julie Tavolacci Gaudette ’76.

Rosemary Rockelmann mother of Kate Rockelmann Compernolle ’70 and Liz Rockelmann  Saule ’73

Mildred Cummings mother of Nancy Cummings McGowan ’69

Dr. Thomas Dolan father of Marisa Dolan Lauwet ’96.

Helen Larkin Gordon ’71

Glenda Pascua mother of the late Marivic Pascua Del Rosario ’84, Tess Pascua Berg ’85 and Marissa Pascua Kuck ’96. Wife of the late Rey Pascua, former faculty.

Elvira Cavallari mother of Kay Cavallari Malm ’62, Patricia Cavallari Peterson ’77 and grandmother of Lisa Cavallari ’87.

Maureen Tobin Hart ’66

Diana Fifield ’67 sister of Mary Lou Fifield ’64.

James Caruso Jr. father of Michaela Caruso Forelli ’90.

December 2016

Jerome Kerrigan, father of Maureen Kerrigan ’86 and Patricia Kerrigan Gartz ’93.

William Hanhardt father of Shari Hanhardt Kertez ’67, Candace Hanhardt ’68, Sara Hanhardt ’69, and Joene Hanhardt Trizna ’72.

Kenneth Schultz husband of Susan Hasselberg Schultz ’66 and father of Kathleen Schultz Daigle ’00.

Dr. Donald Meccia, father of Amy Meccia O’Brien ’85 and Loran Meccia ’89.

Robert Hulseman father of Margaret Hulseman Kovach ’79, the late Jean Kloos ’82 and Patricia Hulseman abrams ’87. Grandfather of Kaitlin Kovich ’06, Great Kovich ’07 and Elizabeth Kovich ’07.

Daniel Knight husband of Susan Muench Knight ’76

Dominic M. Venturi Sr., father of Veronica Boyajian ’74, Tina Walsh ’77 and Bridget Venturi Veenema ’84.

November 2016

Bethie Roland, daughter of Casey Prouty Roland ’00.

John Cassidy, father of Megan Cassidy Walls ’79 and father in law of Regina faculty member, Pam Cassidy.

October 2016

Marilyn Ann Murphy mother of Jennifer Murphy ’77, Mary Murphy ’79, Veronica ’81 and Denise Murphy Demasco ’85.

John Lawrence Bordes father of Kerry Bordes Almond ’85, Tarpey Bordes O’Rourke ’88, Jenny Bordes Weber ’91 and Julie Bordes Miller ’94.

Ray Rzany, husband of Kathy Rzany passed away on Tuesday.  Kathy was Principal at Regina for 10 years from 2001-2011.

David Goldberg father of Catherine Goldberg Busch ’83, Julie Goldberg Unruh ’87 and Elizabeth Goldberg Powell.

Rudolf (Rudy) Trejo father of Theresa ’04, Rita Trejo Woods ’06, Erica ’10 and Regina ’17.

Josef Klingler, father of Patricia Klingler Svare ’65, Kathleen Klingler McKeown ’69, Linda Klingler McAnelly ’71, Carol Klingler Ebel ’73, and Donna Klingler ’78.

September 2016

Mary Carol Anthony O’Brien ’77, sister of Julie Anthony Grayhack ’78

Patrick J. Bowe, father of Patricia Bowe Garvey ’74, Judith Bowe ’76, Paula Bowe Ladley ’80, and father in law of Patricia Denten Bowe ’75.

Donald Perille, father of Lisa Perille Sabourin ’78, Amy Perille Ball ’79, Laura Perille ’83 and Gina Perille ’89

Thomas Dolan, brother of Cathryn Dolan Burke ’73, Donna Dolan Hansen ’79, Joan Dolan Kendzora ’79 and Margaret Dolan Lange ’82

August 2016

Sally Nickele, mother of Julie Nickele ’14

Joan Fickinger, mother of Joan Fickinger Frazier ’72, Jan Fickinger Roy ’72 and Ellen Fickinger ’76

Joseph Burns, son of Mary Ann O’Rourke ’76

Marcelline Valenti, mother of Lisa Valenti Burke ’82

Jean Hulseman Kloos ’82, sister of Margaret Hulseman Kovach ’79, and Patricia Hulseman Abrams ’87.

July 2016

Margaret Husar mother of Marquita Husar Sheble ’65.

James R. Forrest, father of Katie Forrest ’12

Michael Romano, husband of Geri Ferraro Romano ’67

Laura Zulawinski Bolling ’86

Carolyn Ropek Loseau ’77, sister of Candace Ropek Warens ’73, Nancy Ropek Saarinen ’69, Pamela Ropek ’69 and Renee Ropek Banks ’80.

Cathy McGregor Weingeist ’68, sister of Ellen McGregor Hurley ’69.

June 2016

Jane Cahill Dorgan O’Brien mother of Mary Dorgan Barrett ’66, and Denise Drogan Miller ’72, step-mother of Nancy Gorman Bailey ’61 and  Mary Beth Gorman Hand’64.

Ida Joyce Wilk mother of Jeannine Wilk ’84, Christine Wilk Kaufman ’81 and Donna Wilk ’79.

Duckie Briody Opelka mother of Claire Opelka Mitchell ’77, Evelyn Opelka ’79 and Maureen Opelka Surin ’87.

Loretta Garvey mother of Mary Garvey Beda ’76, Catherine Garvey Goldthorpe ’79, Sheila Garvey Gartland ’83 and mother in law of Patti Bowe Garvey ’74.

John J. Weir, father of Maribeth Weir Battista ’79.

May 2016

Sarah (Sally) Shodron Walsh ’66.

Laura Bartosz Dinelli ’81 sister of Mary Bartosz Luce ’78 and Karyn Bartosz Froseth ’88.

Patricia Holroyd Waldron ’61, sister of Kaye Holroyd Henzerling ’63, sister in law of Nancy Waldron Brahm-Homer ’64, Rita Waldron Davis ’68 and aunt of Amy Brahm Olson ’86 and Siobhan Brahm ’94.

Maureen McCaffrey Fallows ’73, sister of Megan McCaffrey ’76. May 18th

Judge Louis B. Garippo, father of Ellen Garippo ’79 and Mary Garippo ’88.

Edward David Ahlering, DDS, father of Kimberly Ahlering Burnett ’75.

John F. Walther, father of Jacky Walther ’72, and grandfather of Ann Kielian ’11 and Teresa Kielian ’16.

Edward Shenoo father of Katie Shenoo Siatras ’00, Jackie Shenoo ’02, Dominika Shenoo ’06 and Alexandra Shenoo ’09.

Virginia Wallace mother of Verna Wallace Allworth ’77 and grandmother of Kelly Allworth ’09 and Sarah Allworth ’16.

Filmore Batow, father of Nancy Stewart ’73

Susan Gatz Holmblad ’70.

Frank McNichols father of Kelly McNichols Moore ’85 and Maureen McNichols ’88-

April 2016

Barry Golembiewski, father of Meg ’06, Kate ’08, and Bridget ’11.

Patrick Troutman, father of Kathleen Lynch ’82.

Dr. William Frances McNabola, father of Mary “Buffy” McNabola Rock ’74, grandfather of Madeline Rock ’11 and Kathleen Rock ’15.

Carol Flanagan ’75, sister of Nancy Flanagan ’79 and Peggy Flanagan Kucia ’83.

Pauline Colbert mother of Deirdra Colbert Solis ’79, Fiona Colbert Hudec ’81, Aileen Colbert Battistoni ’84 and Katie Colbert Lombardi ’86.

Anthony Heatherly, son of Regina Barango Heatherly ’90.

Marcia Roach Erin ’69

Honorable William F. Ward, Jr., father of Jessica Ward Felice ’92 and Kathleen Ward Jorgensen ’97.

March 2016

Thomas Ziegenfuss, father of Jeanne Ziegenfuss Brancheau ’78 and Julie Ziegenfuss Passmore ’82.

William Vensel, husband of Anne Ireland ’64.

Joseph E. Hein, father of Margaret Hein Nelson ’69 and grandfather of Megan Nelson Welch ’95 and Molly Nelson Harris’ 97.

Devin Andrew Simon son of Catherine Hebert Simon ’65.

Myrll J. Hoffman mother of Lynne T. O’Brien ’69 and grandmother of Katie O’Brien Luptak ’96.

Florence Gavin mother of Beth Gavin Pearson ’86.

Nicholas J. De Leonardis father of Valerie De Leonardis McKinney ’81, Nicolette De Leonardis Meier ’82 and Regina De Leonardis Heise ’88.

Barbara Carrera, mother of Ann Carrera ’97, aunt of Judith Carrera ’02, former faculty member, and sister in law of Susan Carrera, current staff member of Regina Dominican.

Erna Kiefer, mother of Nancy Kiefer Miller ’62 and Judith Kiefer Boeman ’67

Jean Rickard Donnelly ’76, sister of Drew Rickard Green ’75

Frances Manno Myers ’69, sister of Lucille Manno Geremia ’71.

Thomas Joseph Coughlan, father of Annice Coughlan ’08.

February 2016

Margaret Hayes Baltutis ’69,  mother of Rima Baltutis Bush ’03 and Kira Baltutis ’05, sister of Marie Hayes ’69.

Jeanne Rumpsa, mother of Patricia Rumpsa Sullivan ’64 and Margie Rumpsa ’79.

Chris George Gutekanst, father of Carol Gutekanst ’76, Karen Gutekanst Barr ’78, Mary, Cathleen, Noreen, Rita and Joan.

Mary Kerrigan, mother of Margaret (Peggy) Kerrigan McNulty ’79 and grandmother of Kerrigan McNulty ’98.

Edward Denten, former board member and father of Patricia Denten Bowe ’75, Margaret Denten ’79, Jennifer Elsey Denten ’80, Barbara Denten Lofstrom ’82 and Catherine Denten Marciano ’91.

Lieschen Llerena Ridgeway ’89 sister of Millie Llerena Naughton ’86.

Doreen Joyce McGavock mother of Marcia McGavock Hill ’70, the late Mary Kay McGavock ’73 and Maureen McGavock ’77.

Bernadette (Bernie) Veeneman ’64.

William Vensel, husband of Anne Ireland ’64.

Thomas A. Horne Jr., brother of Patricia Horne ’86.

Mariann Ennis, mother of Laura Ennis Granahan ’77.

Joseph Kerr, father of Mary Kerr O’Toole ’75 and the late Joan Kerr Kelly ’77.

Meaghan Collins ’96, sister of Maureen Collins ’96, Michelle Collins Keating ’97 and niece of Ann Collins Schlagetter RIP ’78.

January 2016

Brian Krakora, brother of Janice Krakora-Looby ’69

Delores F. Smith mother of Jeanne Marie Smith Jardien ’70, Karen S. Smith ’72 and grandmother of Catherine Jardien ’99

Annie Carpenter Hayashi ’71, sister of Lynn Carpenter Petersen ’66

December 2015

William Kerrigan, brother of Sheila Kerrigan Wheeler ’80, Theresa Kerrigan ’82 and Cindy Kerrigan Warnecke ’87

Edmund Burke, father of Margaret (Meg) Burke Gagliardo ’77, Antoinette (Toni) Burke Lenzi ’81 and Jennifer (Jenny) Burke Britt ’88

November 2015

Jennifer Clesceri, daughter of Elizabeth Turk ’69 and niece of Barb Turk Danielson ’67

Joseph Peter Tavolacci, father of Beth Tavolacci Alseth ’74 and Julie Tavolacci Gaudette ’76. Mr. Tavolacci is also the  father-in-law of Christine Powell Tavolacci ’84.

Ronald John Banas, father of Cynthia Banas Nack ’80 and Jennifer Banas West ’89

Patrick Burke, father of Meghan Burke Niego ’88 and father-in-law of Judy Schatz Burke ’87

October 2015

Mary Bashford Moats ’88

Yvonne Schaeffer Bates ’84

Neil Elliot, father of Alexandra Elliot ‘05

September 2015

Ellen Cusack, mother of Margaret Cusack Higgins ’66 and Anne Cusack Derk ’69

Sheila Murphy Hulseman, mother of Peggy Hulseman Kovach ’79, Jean Hulseman Kloos ’82 and Patti Hulseman Abrams ’87

Charles Rollings Jr., father of Mary Anne Rollings DeYoung ’71 and Susan Rollings Webb ’75

Sharyn Jean Fahey ’64, sister of  Barbara Fahey ’65, Mary Ellen Fahey Morrison ’68 and Debra Fahey ’73

Claire Compernolle, mother of Mary Claire Compernolle Belton ’75

Edita Arambulo, mother of Estela Armabulo Rabin ’82 and grandmother of Suzanne Maier Kowalski ’02

August 2015

Lillian R. Killian, mother of Madonna Mulmat ’66

Edward McCabe, father of Kathleen McCabe, ’69, Marcia McCabe Kozelka, ’71; and Jan McCabe, ’74

Denise Carey, sister in law of Peggy Carey Tomick ’68, Julie Carey Leamanczyk ’71, Mary Carey Waters ’73 and Susan Carey Coyle ’74

Jean Glunz, wife of Louis Glunz III, former Board Member, mother of Mary Anne Glunz Martin ’79, Jeanie Glunz Sullivan ’82 and Dr. Catherine Glunz ’89

Davide Ori, father of Simona Ori Albiani ’88, Grazia Ori Cunningham ’90 and Nadia Ori ’98

Mary Patricia Welch Krackenberger ’63

July 2015

Margaret Later, mother of Bridget Later Lamont ’66 and Melissa Later Franklin ’71

Lillian Codere, mother of Karen Codere ’66

June 2015

Julie Iverson ’81

Virginia Stearns, mother of Patricia Stearns ’71 and former Regina Dominican Board member

Ellen McVeigh Manning ’71 sister of Cathleen McVeigh-Cushing ’72, Margaret McVeigh Buckstaff ’73 and Mary McVeigh Rowe ’84

John P. Galante Sr., father of  Nicolette Galante Conway ’72 and Susan Galante Mangino ’74

Dr. Neftali Otero, father of Liliana Otero ’88

Germaine Barkemeyer, mother of Heidi Barkemeyer Ulrich ’84

May 2015

Raegan Britt Halm ’82

Carin Rose Ulrich ’79

Catherine O’Connor, mother of Bridget O’Connor Kelly ’00

Maurice J. De Volder, father of Melanie De Volder Mulherin ’62,  Marsha De Volder Dover ’65, Melinda De Volder O’Herron ’67, Maura De Volder Otzko ’79

Daniel Janaes, brother of Susan Janaes Swanson ’70

Sarah Elizabeth Walls, daughter of Kathleen Foley Walls ’75

Margaret (Meg) Troka Hogan ’77, sister of Beth Troka Atkins ’69, Catherine Troka Cerone ’71 and aunt of Lizzie Cerone ’03

Gregory Bongiorno, brother of Virginia Bongiorno ’67

William Ure, father of Mary (Merrily) Ure ’85 and Alyssa Ure ’87

April 2015

Mary Ann O’Donoghue ’72, sister of Jamee O’Donoghue Rosa ’70, Colleen O’Donoghue Letke ’76 and Meghan O’Donoghue Steines ’87

Barbara Mulcrone, mother of Denise Mulcrone O’Connor ’66 and Deborah Mulcrone Searson ’72

Kathryn Boyington, mother of Barbara Boyington ’70

Irene Stieg, mother of Cheryl Stieg Mirkes ’65 and Cynthia Stieg ’68

Joseph Franzak, father of Mary Franzak Halm ’02 and Tricia Franzak DeVito ’04

Diane Bresnan Fleming ’64, sister of Denise Bresnan Linde ’69

Isabella B. Stadler, mother of Katharina Stadler Linder ’79.

Joseph Babula, father of Valerie Babula Vatch ’75, Sarah Babula Kerndt ’76, Marene Babula ’81 and JoEllen Babula Baker ’83

Beulah Anthony, mother of mother of Marcy Anthony Weckler Barr ’69

Edward B. Cohen, father of Julie Cohen Lamb ’82

March 2015

Hernando Valencia, father of Claudia Valencia ’98 and Carla Valencia ’02

Mary Comeford Carlson ’63

Barbara Mitchell, mother of Jackie Mitchell Magner ’89

Gershon Berg, father of Leslie Berg ’89 and grandfather of Mary Berg ’16

Kathryn Lynch ’72, sister of Patti Lynch Riggs ’68

Henry Gralak, father of Krystina Gralak ’08

Karen Dunn ’76

February 2015

Mildred Heck,  mother of Joanne Heck Bielenda ’63

Gary Wipperfurth, husband of Barb Eastman Wipperfurth ’72

Martin Quinn, brother of Jean Sloan Quinn ’81

Wayne Reed, father of Joann Reed Sterzik ’92

Paul Wack, father of Marina Porter ’13

January 2015

Jennifer Mosher ’89, sister of Colleen Mosher Olson ’78 and Mary Mosher McElveen ’79. Cousin of Mary Ellen De Riccio ’72, Margy Walsh Roberts ’75, Kathleen Jennings Walsh ’81, Maureen Jennings Cline ’85, Megan Jennings Davidson ’89 and sister-in-law of Jennifer Collins Mosher ’88

Frederick A.Thulin Jr., father of, Kristin Thulin Kocan ’66, Mary Thulin Schaal ’68, Margaret Thulin ’69, Kathleen Thulin Testa ’78, Suzanne Thulin Featherstone ’81 and Patricia Thulin Gizzi ’86

Thomas Huguelet, father of Michele Huguelet Tihami ’85 and Dr. Ann Huguelet Gosselin ’86

Elizabeth (Liz) Lutz ’77

Elizabeth (Lacey) Rico ’86

James Quinn, father of Jean Quinn Sloan ’81

Michael J. Harig, son of Cynthia Perry Harig ’64