As the Gateway to Leadership capital campaign enters its final phase, Regina Dominican has raised 88 percent of its $4 million goal.

We offer our most heartfelt thank you to the members of our school community who have graciously donated, volunteered or partnered with us since the onset of the campaign in 2013. The impact of your generous contributions is already apparent. Several infrastructure and facility improvements have already been implemented including establishment of the Leadership Institute, the remodel of our student cafeteria and the initiation of our campus reconstruction.

This campaign is writing a new chapter for Regina Dominican. It has positioned us to take the bold steps necessary to build upon our great tradition while providing a custom educational experience that prepares and inspires the 21st century student. If you would like to learn more about the Gateway to Leadership capital campaign and how you can get involved during this historic moment for Regina Dominican, please contact our Vice President of Advancement Joan Mulvihill Kitchie ’77 at or 847-256-7660 ext. 224.

The Leadership Institute

The Regina Dominican Leadership Institute, which is grounded in Dominican values and the mission of Regina Dominican, challenges and inspires young women to become leaders in a changing, diverse and multicultural global community.

It supports innovative practices designed to prepare young women to be active citizens of the world, and to lead lives committed to leadership, community, faith, innovation and excellence by acting as a recognized center for leadership development within the community.

Student Cafeteria Remodel

Thanks to the financial resources garnered by the capital campaign, our cafeteria was transformed into a multi-use, flexible space for dining as well as collaborative classwork and presentations. The renovations included:

  • Ceiling and lighting updates
  • Modern furniture additions
  • Wireless access points to increase capacity allowing all personal devices of faculty, staff and students to be used at any time
  • Air conditioning system

The Gateway to Leadership capital campaign is designed to support the dreams of young women today and well into the future. The campaign’s overall goal is ambitious, but essential in advancing the school. Inspiration for the campaign comes from Saint Catherine of Siena who said, “Do not be satisfied by the little things because God wants great things.” This campaign is already doing great things for Regina Dominican.

 The Extra Mile

The momentum created by the Gateway to Leadership campaign is impossible to contain. The impact of the infrastructure and facility improvements made possible by your vital campaign contributions is felt by the entire school community and will be for generations of Regina girls to come. As we launch into the next phase of our efforts to further the Regina Dominican mission, we ask you to continue on this journey with us.

Beyond the Capital Campaign

STEAM Lab Developments

The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) lab is a continuation of Regina Dominican’s Vision 2020 initiative. The lab allows faculty to implement project-based learning into the school’s strong academic curriculum. The lab currently has a 3D printer, a green screen, programmable robotic spheres and circuit kits. Engineering elective courses will begin in the fall of 2016.

Leadership Institute Developments

The Leadership Institute is now completing its third full year of implementation.  The focus this year is to create and redesign programs that will impact every student. The RISE Program was designed out of this initiative.

Caritas Program Developments

The goal of the Caritas program is to provide an academic support program to meet a student’s needs so that she may acquire the learning strategies, study skills and confidence to become a successful learner and strong self-advocate. All students, particularly students with identified learning differences, have the opportunity to work with a resource teacher in a daily structured study period.

Facility Improvements: Athletic Field and Auditorium Upgrades

Regina Dominican is making way for an athletic field on campus. The large vacant convent will come down this spring to create room for this field. The improvements will allow our athletes to remain on campus and part of the community after school.

The house of the auditorium will need upgrades to the floor and seats. This facility improvement will allow us to create a safe and enjoyable experience for our students and guests.


In Matthew 5:41, Jesus instructs, “And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.”  In the spirit of this call, let’s go this extra mile together. Let’s take the bold steps necessary to build upon tradition while providing a custom educational experience that prepares and inspires the 21st-century student.

Support the Campaign

To learn about how to support the Gateway to Leadership Capital Campaign, please contact Joan Mulvihill Kitchie ’77, the Vice President of Advancement, at or (847) 256-7660 extension 224.