Regina Dominican is a sponsored institution of the Adrian Dominican Sisters. The Adrian Dominican Sisters are an international Congregation of about 700 vowed women whose religious roots go back to St. Dominic of the 13th century. They are committed to preaching the Word of God, the formation of faith-centered communities and ministries that further the values of the Gospels within the Dominican congregation and beyond.

They minister in 25 states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and in five countries: Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, and Taiwan. Responsive to the “signs of the times,” they strive to address the needs of the world – to serve where they are called to go.

The Sisters’ ministries have been developed from the traditional fields of education, health care and social work. Through this work, they perpetuate the Dominican tradition of preaching by bringing prayer and religious study to their ministries in areas such as education, administration, law, social work, health care, pastoral ministry, music, art and clerical work.

About 201 Associates (married and single men and women) share their Mission to preach the Good News of the Gospel and to bring about change in our world.

The Adrian Dominican Sister’s main campus (Motherhouse) is in Adrian, Michigan, in the Diocese of Lansing. Located on this campus are the Congregation’s administrative offices, Weber Retreat and Conference Center, the Dominican Life Center (a continuum of care for members of the Congregation) and Siena Heights University.

World Peace

Adrian Dominican Mission

The Adrian Dominican mission embodies the call to minister with others in preaching God’s love for all people.

In the mission of Jesus
we Adrian Dominican Sisters
discover and identify ourselves
as women called together
to share faith and life
with one another
and sent into our world
to be with others
bearers and recipients of his love
co-creators of his justice and peace.

Adrian Dominican Preaching

The OP after our names stands for “Order of Preachers,” the formal name of the religious order founded in 1216 by St. Dominic. As Dominicans, we preach with our lives—in both word and deed—guided by a search for truth and a commitment to contemplate and share the fruits of our contemplation.

Our Dominican lives are shaped by the interconnecting movements of study, prayer, communal life and ministry.

Dominic so firmly believed in the importance of study to the preaching mission that he provided a rule of “dispensation” from other responsibilities in the event they interfered with study. We are women committed to study. Through prayer and contemplation we internalize our learning and enter into communion with the Source of all truth. Our communal life orients us to the common good of the whole Earth community. And in ministry, our preaching takes effect.